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The School of the SEA (Sea and Earth Advocates) is an experiential learning center focusing on the principles of marine conservation and of sustainable living. This was founded by the Law of Nature Foundation (LNF) in 2002. For the past several years, it has been very instrumental in changing the mindsets, attitudes, and practices of its student-visitors. It has been able to reach out to at least eight thousand participants, youth, teachers, lawyers, young professionals, LGU officials, and many more.
An eco-friendly philosophy can be adapted easily, and a lot of people are taking to the ecofriendly lifestyle - seen in their use of the many types of "green bags" when grocery shopping or going through their day-to-day activities.
With the invitation to 'switch off' extended to everyone, Earth Hour quickly became an annual global event. It's scheduled on the last Saturday of every March - closely coinciding with the equinox to ensure most cities are in darkness as it rolled out around the Earth. In 2011, the challenge became going Beyond the Hour - which is an invitation to further commit to lasting action on climate change
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure, Habagat Outdoor Equipment – in partnership with YKK Philippines – brings you Carrera Habagat 2012: The Return. Get ready to paddle, climb, run, bike, swim, rappel, navigate, and test your discipline and skills as the multi-day, multi-discipline adventure race weaves itself all over Cebu Province from the 21st until the 25th of November 2012.
Started in 2000, the Carrera Habagat has been held in various places in the country –the island of Siquijor in 2001, Biliran Province in 2004, Siargao and Bucas Grande in 2007, and Sto. Domingo, Albay in 2008.
A veritable testing ground for adventure racers, the Carrera Habagat has produced world-renown athletes that joined the Philippine Mt. Everest Team and the New Zealand Eco-Challenge.
This year, the Carrera Habagat will be held where Habagat, in 1987, embarked on providing high-quality yet affordable equipment: CEBU – home to mountain terrain, rivers and waterfalls, caves, seashores, limestone walls, and biking trails that will pit men and women, young blood and veterans, extreme athletes and outdoor enthusiasts against the wild whims of Nature.
Teams from all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have already signed up and are rearing to get started: Team Bugoy/Bugay, Team OZ Racing, Team Cemex, Team ROX 1, Team ROX-Pitman, Team L Time Studio, Team V12 Radgear, Team Panahik, Team UST, Team Ram-Mons, Team Conquer, and Team Nat-Nat.
Carrera Habagat 2012: The Return is powered by PETZL, Graphic Star, Cousin Tactical, Vertigo Climbing Center, Climbing Technology, KH Trading Center Inc, CHK Marketing, Modern Best Modiste Inc, Papa Kits-Liloan, R.O.X., 8A Performance, CORE Outdoor Industries, Boatman Outdoors, Metro Gaisano, Ayala Center Cebu, Tai-1, Tropiks Bracelet, V12 Radgear, Rudy Project, Lagalag, IPI, Summit Mineral Water, 100PLUS, Parasat HD, Zip Zone, Southern Lads, Above The Line Productions, Amazing Cebu Channel 54, RCTV Channel 36, TV5, Sun Star Cebu, Cebu Daily News, The Freeman, and Living Asia Channel; in cooperation with the Province of Cebu, the City of Cebu, and the Municipality of Balamban.